Administrative law and appealing decisions of public authorities

  • Ensure the challenging of decisions of public authorities
  • Represent clients in public and local government authorities and courts
  • Prepare complaints, submissions and applications
  • Prepare litigation and other procedural documents 
  • Provide consultations and prepare opinions

We offer legal assistance in challenging and appealing unsubstantiated and unlawful decisions of public authorities, as well as in compensating losses caused by public authorities.

We have many years of experience in appealing decisions of public authorities, inter alia, those of the State Revenue Service, various local government institutions, construction boards, achieving the cancellation of unlawful decisions or adoption of a decision favourable to clients. Following our application to court, the Constitutional Court adopted the judgment favourable to a number of clients, by recognising binding regulations of local government as non-compliant with the Constitution and invalid, with the subsequent reimbursement of considerable unlawfully calculated tax amounts.

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