What we do?

  • Ensure defence in complex pre-trial criminal proceedings;
  • Consult on defence position;
  • Assess case law;
  • Prepare high-quality procedural documents;
  • Provide defence in court.

In what criminal cases do we provide a defence?

  • Money laundering (AML), freezing of funds
  • Avoiding tax payment;
  • Liability of board members and crimes in business
  • On the violation of construction, fire safety, manufacturing safety regulations; causing of damage;
  • Insurance fraud cases etc.;


  • Defence in various criminal cases related to avoiding tax payment in a large volume;
  • Defence in criminal proceedings for causing harm;
  • Defense in criminal proceedings for money laundering and freezing of funds;
  • Defence in a criminal case on the swindling of funds from the Rural Support Service in large volume;
  • Defence in criminal proceedings on insurance fraud;
  • Defence in a criminal case on the moving of narcotic and psychotropic substances across the border and trade in a large volume;
  • Defence in a criminal case on human trafficking.
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