Business and commercial law

What we do?

Services in connection with company registration and commercial law:

  • preparation of documents for establishment of companies;
  • registration of changes;
  • liquidation of companies;
  • reorganization of companies;
  • registration of commercial pledges;
  • disposal of shares;
  • registration of beneficial owner (BO);
  • changes in share capital;
  • organization of shareholders’ meetings;
  • consultations and appeals against decisions;
  • representation in disputes with the company’s board members or among employees;
  • preparation of opinions in commercial law, labour law, and other legal issues related to business.
  • Preparation of various agreements necessary for business;
  • representation of clients in courts, in state and local government authorities.

Debt recovery and insolvency:

  • representation of clients in court and insolvency proceedings;
  • provision of consultations to creditors or debtors.
  • Preparation of statements of claim, explanations, and other court documents;
  • Preparation of creditors’ claims and other documents in insolvency proceedings;
  • Preparation of complaints and warnings;
  • Enforcement of judgments.

Services related to the issues of the beneficial owner and money laundering (AML) problems:

  • We advise and represent companies regarding issues related to:
  • opening of bank accounts,
  • registration of beneficial owner,
  • cases of suspicious transactions, a need for in-depth customer due diligence,
  • on freezing of funds in credit institutions, in cases involving decisions of credit institutions and public authorities on suspected money laundering, and in other cases involving issues with the beneficial owner and AML.


  • Representation of companies in state and local government authorities;
  • Registration of companies and changes in the Register of Enterprises;
  • Representation in banks;
  • Registration of beneficial owner,
  • Assistance with the clarification of transactions in relation to AML;
  • Preparation of various business agreements;
  • Defence of board members against an insolvency administrator’s claims for damages;
  • Representation of creditors or debtor in court and in insolvency proceedings;
  • Provision of legal assistance in connection with Financial Intelligence Unit inspections.