What we do?

Services in connection with company registration and commercial law:

  • preparation of documents for establishment of companies and registration of changes, registration of beneficial owner (BO);
  • reorganization and liquidation of companies;
  • disposal of shares;
  • organization of shareholders’ meetings;
  • consultations and appeals against decisions of the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia;
  • representation in disputes with the company’s board members, employees;
  • preparation of opinions in commercial law, labour law, and other legal issues related to business;
  • Preparation of various agreements necessary for business.

Debt recovery and insolvency:

  • representation of clients in banks, courts and insolvency proceedings;
  • Provision of consultations to creditors or debtors;
  • Preparation of statements of claim, explanations, and other court documents;
  • Preparation of creditors’ claims, complaints and warnings in insolvency proceedings;
  • Enforcement of judgments.

Services related to the issues of the beneficial owner and money laundering (AML) problems:

  • legal assistance in cases on freezing of funds in credit institutions;
  • legal assistance in criminal proceedings;
  • consultations on in-depth customer due diligence;
  • legal assistance in the registration of beneficial owners;
  • opening of bank accounts.


  • Representation of companies in banks, state and local government authorities.
  • Registration of companies and changes in the Register of Enterprises.
  • Assistance in relation to AML and registration of true beneficiaries (PLG).
  • Provision of legal assistance in connection with Financial Intelligence Unit inspections.
  • Defence of board members in insolvency proceedings.
  • Representation of creditors or debtor in court and in insolvency proceedings.