Resolution of construction and public procurement disputes

  • Represent construction participants in dispute resolution
  • Represent clients in public procurement disputes in the Procurement Monitoring Bureau
  • Provide legal support during the procurement procedure
  • Represent in litigation proceedings on construction disputes
  • Provide consultations and prepare opinions
  • Conduct settlement negotiations
  • Help to ensure the enforcement of court rulings

Represent clients in construction dispute resolution and litigation proceedings, as well as represent in public procurement disputes in the Procurement Monitoring Bureau.

We have experience in the resolution of disputes on the fulfilment of various public procurement contracts, designing and construction contracts, defects of construction works, warranty liabilities, causing harm and compensation of losses, violations during the construction process and illegal construction.

We have successfully represented the customer in litigation on the construction defects of the bridge over the River Gauja, as well as participants of the construction process with respect to defects, collapse, burning, explosion, spillover and other construction defects of objects. We have successfully represented tenderers in the Procurement Monitoring Bureau in disputes with VAS “Latvijas Valsts ceļi”, VAS “Latvijas dzelzceļš” and other customers.

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