Civil Cases and Commercial Disputes

What we do

  • Represent clients in complex court proceedings;
  • Assess the case law, issue opinions;
  • Prepare high-quality litigation documents;
  • Provide consultations;
  • Organise the necessary examinations;
  • Conduct settlement negotiations;
  • Help to ensure the enforcement of judgments.

In what civil cases do we represent clients?

  • Disputes on causing damage;
  • Transaction disputes;
  • Real estate disputes;
  • Recovery of large debts;
  • Disputes on the liability of board members, employees;
  • Disputes on the recognition of transactions as invalid;
  • Inheritance disputes in the division of property.


  • Representation of the German company Toma Holding GmbH in litigation on the recovery of EUR 5,700,000 in respect of steel supplies.
  • Representation of an electronic communications company on dismantling of the set up electronic communication networks and debt recovery.
  • Representation of Daugavpils Regional Hospital in litigation on the heating rates and recovery of the overpaid sum.
  • Representation of a bioenergy manufacturer in a dispute with the Ministry of Economy on annulment of the administrative deed regarding the right to sell electricity within the scope of the mandatory procurement.
  • Representation of a foreign heir in litigation on the division of inheritance, issue of the inheritance part.
  • Representation in an international carriage dispute regarding goods that were not delivered.
  • Representation in litigation on title to an internet domain.
  • Victory in litigation on debt recovery from Riga City Council.
  • Representation in litigation on the recovery of damages from the former board member of a company, seizing property, a part of the joint property of spouses, asking to recognise the transactions as invalid.
  • Defence of the board members in the insolvency administrator’s claim on the recovery of damages.
  • Representation of Daugavpils Regional Hospital in labour dispute litigation on illegal termination.
  • Representation of an employee in the claim of Energoremonts Rīga in a claim on the indemnification of damages in relation to the construction of TEC 2.
  • Representation in the claim against DNB banka AS on the recognition of a guarantee agreement signed by the attorney as invalid.
  • Representation in litigation against the newspaper “Ventas Balss” on the recall of news and indemnification of moral damage.
  • Representation of the newspaper and internet portal “Baltic Times” in litigation against AS “Latvijas Pasts” on the indemnification of damages.
  • Representation in litigation on the forbidden use of a trademark.
  • Bringing an action in the European Court of Human Rights on the violation of the right to property.