Corporate legal servicing

  • Ensure corporate legal servicing, legal consultations to the management and employees of companies
  • Perform the preparation, assessment of the necessary agreements and documentation
  • Perform the establishment of companies, preparation of documents on the introduction of changes for registration in the Enterprise Register
  • Ensure reviews of internal documentation of the company, development of policies and customer risk assessment
  • Perform the preparation of opinions on legal issues related to entrepreneurial activity
  • Ensure the challenging of decisions of public authorities
  • Perform the collection of debts and losses in courts and insolvency proceedings

We offer to ensure full-scale corporate legal servicing.

We have many years of experience in providing legal assistance to both local and foreign companies, within the scope whereof we provide legal support in ensuring the everyday operation of the company, as well as legal assistance in separate complicated or non-standard issues.

Prepare and assess agreements and other documents necessary for the economic operation of companies, prepare internal procedures and policies in the field of data protection, develop policies on compliance with the laws and regulations governing the legal origin of funds and sanctions, etc. Our regular client base includes a number of medium-sized well-known and international companies.

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