What we do?

  • We represent clients in construction and real estate dispute court proceedings;
  • We represent clients in construction public procurement disputes in the Procurement Monitoring Bureau and courts;
  • Assess case law and cases of the Procurement Monitoring Bureau, provide opinions;
  • Prepare high-quality litigation and procedural documents;
  • Provide consultations;
  • Organise the necessary examinations;
  • Conduct settlement negotiations;
  • Help to ensure the enforcement of judgments.

Construction disputes in which we represent clients:

  • On the failure to fulfil agreements;
  • On defects, reasons for such;
  • On warranty obligations;
  • On the indemnification of damages;
  • On causing damage;
  • In public procurement disputes.

In what real estate disputes do we represent clients?

  • In disputes on the division of joint property;
  • In disputes of title;
  • In disputes of redemption and preemptive rights;
  • In disputes of servitudes and real charges;
  • In disputes of rent and lease payment;
  • In cases for the indemnification of damage caused due to a fire, flooding of property, collapsing of buildings and their elements, defects to property.


  • Representation of a local government authority in litigation against a company on defects of a bridge across the River Gauja.
  • Representation in a dispute over land boundaries.
  • Representation of a company in litigation on debt recovery against a customer on an outstanding payment for construction works.
  • Representation of a company in litigation in respect of the collapsing of warehouse buildings due to snow load and the indemnification of damages.
  • Representation in a real division dispute of the joint property in Jūrmala.
  • Representation in litigation on construction defects of a building, flooding of an apartment and recovery of damages.
  • Representation of more than a hundred private persons in litigation against a landowner in exercising the right of purchase and land under a multi-apartment building.
  • Bringing an action in the European Court of Human Rights on the violation of the right to property.
  • Representation in a dispute on the forced disposal of real estate for state needs.
  • Representation in a dispute on establishing a road servitude between estates in Riga.
  • Representation in litigation on establishing a fee for forced land lease.
  • Representation of the owner in litigation against SIA Lattelecom on the indemnification of necessary expenses of the telecommunication servitude space.
  • Representation in litigation on the termination of joint property, real division of a house and payment of compensation.
  • Representation in litigation on the recovery of damages from the inheritance aggregation in respect of a collapsed building.
  • Representation of a congregation in a dispute with the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church on the title to a church building.
  • Representation of the building owner in litigation on the increase of rent for lessees.