What we do?

  • Represent clients in Administrative courts, in state and local government authorities;
  • Assess the case law, issue opinions;
  • Prepare high-quality litigation and procedural documents;
  • Provide consultations;
  • Defend in criminal proceedings in tax matters, provide legal assistance in investigative actions and implement defense in courts.

In what tax matters do we provide representation?

  • Non – recognition of transactions
  • On the recognition of transactions as invalid;
  • Criminal proceedings on avoiding tax payment;
  • In disputes on the liability of board members;
  • On the disputing of costs;
  • On employment without an employment agreement.

In what types of administrative cases do we represent clients?

  • In administrative cases regarding annulment of illegal decisions of the state and local government authorities;
  • Regarding compensation for damage caused by public authorities;
  • Regarding illegal actual conduct of authorities.

Experiance in tax disputes

  • Representation in more than 300 litigation processes in Administrative Courts on the non-recognition of transactions, additional calculation of VAT and EIT;
  •  Defence in a criminal case on avoiding tax payment in a large amount in respect of real estate transactions;
  • Representation of twelve employees of the embassy in litigation with the State Revenue Service in respect of salary tax;
  • Representation of a construction company in litigation with the State Revenue Service on illegal employment;
  • Representation in litigation with the State Revenue Service in a dispute on hidden income from abroad.

Experience in administrative proceedings

  • Representation in administrative cases regarding annulment of various construction board decisions;
  • Representation of companies in administrative cases regarding violation of property, territory maintenance, and public order regulations, unauthorized incineration of waste;
  • Appeal against a decision of the Ministry of Economics, whereby a decision on granting the right to sell electricity produced using renewable energy resources within the framework of mandatory procurement has been annulled;
  • Representation in court in a case regarding annulment of a decision of the State Police, whereby an electronic communications company was penalized for refusing to block access to Internet sites;
  • Representation in the Administrative Court regarding compensation for personal injury and moral damages caused by illegal decision of the Riga Orphan’s Court.
  • Representation of the State Revenue Service in the Administrative Courts.